The Fort Worth Amputee Coalition is a community of amputees and their loved ones who strive to help and encourage one another.
We work together to bring knowledge and peace of mind to those who may feel lost or alone in their experience as an amputee.
We combine our experiential, professional, and scholarly understanding of life as amputees to help ease the burdens of life associated with amputation.

We meet on a regular basis to provide a place of support, learning, and understanding to anyone who may be dealing with amputation, whether it be personal or someone they love. We advocate for the rights of amputees to be treated as equals in the areas of
law, government, medicine, and society. This may include petitions to congress, peaceful protests, or legal action on behalf of amputees.

Our goals are to make life with amputation as normal and accepted as possible,
and to make it as easy as possible to transition into the daily changes that
amputation brings.