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Words from an Amputee

Words of an Amputee

My Life as an Amputee

                My life changed on September 14,2009. It was then that doctors came in and told me that options were running out. The infection in my leg had gotten bad but there was no circulation in my leg anymore. It was that day that I decided that I need to do what I needed to do so I could go back to work. It was that night that I sat on the side of the bed and cried out to God that I needed to get this medical issue behind me so I could go back to work. I had decided that I wasn’t going to let it bother me anymore. I was going to allow the amputation and do a lot of praying that the doctor was wrong and I could do it less than the year that the doctor told me that it would take with all my other compilations that I had. I won’t sit and tell you it is a bed of roses because that would be a lie. When I became an amputee I was never informed of all the resources that are available.
 It was on January 27, 2010 that I went back to work part time. It was by the grace of God that I was able to do it in six months instead of the year that my doctor told me it would take. Since that time I was able to return to work full time and continue a normal lifestyle. My nights now consists of having to take my leg off and plug it in before going to bed, but with all the great features that me new leg and foot have it is awesome. It is always awesome to see the faces of people that you have known and see you on a daily basis but didn’t know that you are an amputee until they see you in shorts. One thing I cannot stand is people that try and waiting on you. Just because I have a prosthetic leg doesn’t mean that my life has stopped. I never seen the stop sign in my life. Yes I have seen the caution sign and ROCKY ROAD sign that I must take more seriously these days.
 I am sure you are scratching your head and asking yourself what do I mean by I must plug my leg in and charge my foot. My leg is attached to me with vacuum. My leg has a pump that vacuums the air out of my leg to keep a negative pressure on my leg at all times. I am sure what is going through your mind is "What if he forgets to plug it in ?" Well that is something that I have had to experience a few times. I have had my leg lose power. No my leg didn’t fall off. Yes, it did make walking more of a challenge.  But it was something that I was able to overcome and move forward with.
 I am sure you are asking yourself what are some challenges that I haven’t been able to overcome. Well to be honest there are a few that I am determined to do and soon. One thing that I have wanted to do is ride a bicycle again. I am sure what is going through your mind is "YOU RODE A BICYCLE BEFORE WHY CANT YOU DO IT NOW AND WHAT IS THE PROBLEM" The problem I am facing is the outer sleeve of my leg is very tight and makes it hard to bend your leg sometimes. Is this a challenge I am going to walk away from? That is a big NO.
 This is a challenge I plan to talk to the people at Baker Orthopedics and Prosthetics about. They are a team that has never walked away from me and has been there for me for the long haul. I hope to speak with them over the next few weeks to get this addressed. I am putting this on here so I know that this is a challenge that I must accomplish.
 Another challenge may be a little rougher and may be a little harder to accomplish, but it is accomplishable. That is to run a mile and keep going. This is something that I must start working on my tread mill to accomplish. I feel with the state of the art leg and foot I have,  I can do it.
 With that being said please always keep a few things in mind when you are facing this difficult decision. If you want to do it you can do it. Please don’t let that Prosthetic stand in your way. Like I have already said, Yes life will have a few challenges but I feel that to me it is a gift that God gave me because he knew I could overcome it. We are chosen by our great father in heaven to be the ones that fight this fight.
 With all the above said I want to dedicate this to some great people in my life. One is my wife, when times got tough she didn’t run. She stood beside me when I was down on my luck and wouldn’t let me give up. Another is my GREAT daughter Ashley Flowers. This has to be the one that I look at to make sure she is proud of dad. She has never given up on DAD. She is a fighter that I think the world of. She is my rock. I dedicate all this work to them ! Love you Gina and Ashley !!!

Would love to hear from you ! If you are an amputee and dont mind telling your story, please email me at claudeclanton@gmail.com. I would love to sit down with you and get your story. This could be what makes the life of another amputee better. You could have the answers that they are looking for

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