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Hello from the Fort Worth Amputee Coalition,

    We know you are busy helping our fellow amputees on a daily basis, so we will keep this as brief as possible. Recently, the FWAC has been designated a 501c(3) non-profit charitable organization. This means that on top of the support group that we coordinate each month, we are now able to open the doors to supporting the amputee community in a variety of ways not previously afforded to us.

   The FWAC seeks to strengthen the amputee community by:

1) Providing funds to assist with the cost of prosthetic limbs,

2) Granting scholarships to amputees who have aged out of the Scottish Rite or Cook Children’s prosthetics programs. These scholarships may include partial college tuition,

3) Providing continuing education in the areas of technology, nutrition, rehabilitation and more. This may include sending amputees to the national Amputee Coalition of America meeting held every year, or the certification of peer visitors so that amputees not only learn, but are able to share their experience with other amputees. The field of prosthetics is ever evolving and the amputee community deserves to be in the know,

4) Advocating on behalf of the amputee community in our legislature, whether that be on the local or national level.

     The amputee community is your community. We see you every day and you know that many need assistance and up-to-date information to become truly successful amputees. Please consider donating to the FWAC. In return, your contribution will be making a difference for your clients and the North Texas amputee community.
   Thank you for your support,


Cody Longenbaugh,
Fort Worth Amputee Coalition


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