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Adaptive Learning Clinics

                    After attending an event this past weekend in Arlington Texas and talking to a few people I am finding out that so many amputees are scared to ask for help in learning about the roadblocks they now have and dont want to ask for assistance. This has led me on a mission to help us in overcoming some of these challenges that life has now put before us. Myself one of them is to learn to ride a bicycle again, Is there anyone else that has that same challenge facing them and don't know where to turn for assistance with this ? If so please let me know I want to schedule clinics for some of these things and see what we can do to help each and everyone overcome them. If you have a challenge that you really want to conquer please let me know. I have word out to a few places and I want to see if we can get their cooperation in this matter. Another one I want to overcome is learning to play Golf again, is there anyone else that wants to learn how to do this again ? Please let me know. I have a close friend who is friends with some professional golfers and he is willing to lend me a hand and do this. Anyone want to learn to swim as an amputee ? I have word out to a few places that I am hoping to hear back from and I am hoping to get some assistance in getting a clinic for those that wish to learn to swim as an amputee. With everyone cooperation we can overcome these minor set backs that life has put before us with our hears high in the air. If you are interested please email me at and tell me what you are interested in doing and I will see what can be done to set up a clinic for that.


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